Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Monday November 6th 2006
About my thesis 2

Does English curriculum have to unify in elementary school?
・・・・・・Today I will write about English activities’ goals and features for each grades in elementary schools and questionnaires.

1. feature
The following is important parts from some books.
○The lower graders
・ They can react to teacher’s voice and sounds naturally and they can
remember them.
・ They are not shy.
・ They like expressions of repeating, copying and music.
・ They are interested in ALTs.

○ the middle graders
・ They are accustomed to a school.
・ They have a pose to copy.
・ This is a last time to react obediently.
・ They are interested in language.
・ They look for the pleasure of expression in playing English games.

○ the upper graders
・ They have ability to think same to adults.
・ They can understand that meaning of inter-culture.
・ They look for complicated roles in games.

2.goals for each grades
‘’bring up children’s interest in English and their attitude toward using English ’’
(From the Ministry of Education)

○ the lower graders
・ be fond of English
・ play with English

○ the middle graders
・ enjoy English
・ play with conversation

○ the upper graders
・ get used to English
・ enjoy conversation with native speakers
(These are from some elementary schools.)

Actually, I couldn’t find concrete goals.
I don’t know whether these are goals which I need for my papers or not. There are some goals divided into 3 or 4 parts, but they were goals as English subject.

I think that these are good for elementary school students. And these are also good to achieve.

3.about questionnaires
Who----- some elementary school teachers
When---- in November
What----about English curriculum