Monday, October 30, 2006


Monday, October 30, 2006
About my thesis

Today I will write about my thesis.

1. Paper’s research question

It’s ‘’ what are differences and common things of English classes among grades in elementary school? ’’. I think that classes should be changed with children’s growing. But it is not decided yet what kind of the content and activities are good in the lower grades, the middle and upper. I want to know this and teacher’s good attitudes in English activities.

2. How to research

I want to do questionnaires to teachers in some elementary schools.

3. Books I’ve read

‘’Nihonnnoeigokyouikunihituyounakoto’’ Yukio Oostu
‘’Korekaranoshougakkoueigokyouiku’’ Tadahiko Higuchi
‘’ Konnnahuunihajimetemiteha Shougakkoueigo’’
‘’Shougakkoueigo Seminar‘’ (three kinds of books)
‘’Shougakkoudenoeigokyouikuhahituyouka’’ Yukio Oostu
‘’Konnnahuunihajimetemiteha? Shougakkoueigokyouiku’’

4. Concrete plan to December

・ make a plan
・ write on my blog
・ reading books

・ reading books
・ background

・ make a questionnaire
・ reading books
・ draft

・ make a questionnaire
・ continue writing draft

・ ask questionnaires to teachers