Friday, June 30, 2006

My advices to ALTs

I had a time to listen the stories of one junior high school English teacher Mr. M. I got some points which are useful in my teacher training. I want to tell these points to ALTs.

1) Making goals and remember them.

I think that this is difficult, but this is important for teachers. If teachers don't have any goals, students cannot get nothing or they cannot understand what is important.
So, teachers have to remember to make goals clearly and try to get students to understand them.

2) Teachers enjoy English!!!

I think that this is most important. Teachers' job is to teach English to students. But If teachers enjoy English classes, students can think that learning is not only tests or examinations to enter high school but also enjoy activities and enjoy to know another countries. I want students to feel that learning English is fun!!! For it, I want to enjoy English with each students.

3) Activities

I think that activities make students' understanding easier. Because in activities, students use their own body. And students can feel English' s interests. So teachers should use activities as many as you can, for example pare works, group works and works with all students. In these activities, teachers advise to students and teachers can take part in them.

I think that these points are important for teachers. So I would like to remember points and enjoy English classes.


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