Monday, April 17, 2006

Monday, 17th April ,2006
!!About my thesis!!

I am studying English education in elementary schools, now. The name is "English activities" and it is in "総合的な学習の時間". And I think that big difference between other sublects is that English activities don't have goals clearly. They depend on each schools. So I think that English activities are so difficult.

?? How much am I studying???
I have read some books about this activities in library. But I want to read more and know more about it. I don't know what kind of things I am interested in about English activities clearly, but I want to study ways to be good class for children.

??Frame of mind??
Now I am happy because I can know about education through studying for examination to be a teacher. Studying was sometimes so boring. If it was context that I was not interested in. But I think the reason why I did not try to know anything. So I can enjoy studying if I have feeling that I want to learn anything from teachers. But teachers have to work children to study actively. I want to be a teacher who can supply good studying.


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