Saturday, February 25, 2006

Sunday, 26th Feburary , 2006

I read a book "Eigokyouiku" (The English Teacher's Magagine) written about English education of elementary schools. I am interested in this title.

Now we can hear voices of changing English into English as a subject. I had thought that early start is best for us to study English, but I knew it is not so easy.

In this book, three teachers were discussing about the future English education. I got 2 points from their conversaton.

First, as time which students can learn in school is limited, teachers should try to make cues to bring up " autonmous learners ". Surely, I think it is correct. Teachers had better give them chances to touch English and it is best that students can think that they is interesting and want to learn more and more.

Second, even if English education starts from elementary school or junior high school, it is neccesary to build one pillar. They said that making one image about education through 3 schools, elementary, junior high and high school.

Frankly, I don't know clearly differences between English as a subject and English as activities . But, I think that English subject in elementary schools should be time which students can feel its fun.And then I think that English communication is important. This is from myexperiences, but there are not many reasons and ground . So I want to read more books and get many information and my opinion.