Tuesday, November 08, 2005

The sound "Ava, va"
Tuesday 8 Novenver!!

His voice is so cute!!! I was glad to see him in this Monday.
By the way, about his saying the sound "Ava va.", I have two ideas.
first, I think that children imitate their parents and their family's voice and they get language little by little. In a computer, his father said "Ava va" many time, so it can be easy for him to say it. He imitated father's voice, and there may be no reason especially.
As a another idea, the sound "v" is not in Japanese same as "f, r". He has been listening the special sound from his father. Finally, he might be interested in the sound "v".
In any case, I think that it is important to speak to children positively.

And also about student, I understood making starts is so important for teachers, as parents give their children starts to get a sound. Parents don't try to force them to speak, but they listen their sounds and imitate them. Parents give starts to speak to them. If there are no father and mother near children, they never get any words. In preschool, teachers play important parts for students. If teachers can give new chances to develop their play, students can experience new things. I think that teacher always should try to understand them what they want to, what they need to. I experienced its difficulties and importance.


Blogger JH said...

I agree with you that M-chan is probably saying A-va-va as a result of my influence. I was surprised because he is exposed to more Japanese than English. Then again, I am a pretty loud when I am around M-chan and that probably leaves a big impression on him.
Your second comment was similar to what Ayu wrote about the importance of teachers creating new learning experiences for students. Interesting stuff!

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