Wednesday, October 05, 2005

My teacher training !!!

I had gone to an elementary school, 1st grade for my teacher training. The school is famous for a great performances using Japanese drums.
I had been looking forward to go to school, but I had been anxious about my teacher training.
At the beginning, it was so hard for me to remember students' names. There were many similar names. But as time has gone, it was not a problem. I was so happpy because many students spoke to me when I went to claassroom in morning. I taught all subjects to students and how to wash hands as my last class. I taught that order of hand wash, the palm of the hand, between fingers, between fingers and nails, insteps and side of hands. I used a story illustrated with picture cards about a boy who forgot to wash his hands. And then I had student think what he forgot. Students don't remember how to wash hands completely. So I repeated the order with students. They looked like so fun this activity.
Through this teacher training, I think that it was good for me to be able to feel differences among grades. In 1st grade, students are so young that we have to change what we want to say into easier, and in 6th grade, students may dislike treating like children. In my first class, I was very nouvous and speed to talk was so first for students. It might be tired. After the class, my teacher adviced to me that teachers should be an actor in 1st grade. This is one of parts which teachers should have. This is useful to make atmosphere for learning.
I could get many ideas and feel about a lot of things because of students and teachers who adviced to me. I think that these ideas is neccesary for teachers.
First, I think to understand what students want to say is so important in classes. Almost all students are anxious about whether their ideas are O.K. or not , when they raised their hands and spoke what they think. If what they said was same as what teacher wants, they sit down with happy faces. But if teachers don't say anything for their saying, they are sad. I think that teacher should catch their ideas and understand their feeling. And if there are not ideas which teachers don't want, teachers could ask another questions to the student after teachers understand what they want to say. I hope that students can gain confedence!
I think to praise is also important. My teacher didn't scold students but praise good students. If there were some students who are talking in classes, he praised good students who were waiting silently and he had notice them what they had to. He praised good students, all students did same as good students. I think to praise is good especially for schoolchildren in the lower grades. Because they can notice by themselves.
Lastly, I think that classes is not that teachers give information and ideas to students, but that teachers help students with learning. Sometimes there are some ideas which teachers sould teach´╝îbut it is important to make classes with all students.

I was glad to meet 1-2 students. In a farewell party, I saw all students cried. My partner and I also cried. There were not same days. Each day has alot of precious memories. I want to make use of these experiences in my life.